Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Doors

So I had to replace all of the internal doors - in fact there were only 3, one on the kitchen that had glass in which was not safety glass:

Then there was one on the living room that had a chunk cut out of it (for cables maybe) and one on the bathroom door that had a hole in it for a vent. Although at one point the doors might have been nice, they had been altered and damaged and were really not worth holding on to. So, in with some basic new doors:


The chippie was here all day fitting the 4 new doors so I am pretty glad that I didn't try to do it myself as I am sure I would have taken a lot longer (and probably struggled hugely to get them to hang straight!).

I still have the long task of sanding, filling and painting the architraves and painting the doors so that will be a big old job.

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