Saturday, April 28, 2012

Searches Back

So the searches have come back on the bungalow. Nothing unusual to report except that the house is in an area of archaeological importance but I think I had seen that somewhere before. Also there is no planning permission (probably not needed) and build regs (needed) for the lean to that is on the back of the house - worst case scenario is I have to knock it down. I knew this was likely the case and that I would have to make some changes to it so that it got building regs. Or else I put a conservatory on instead. It is not a vital part of the property, just a useful extra area, so that is not the end of the world.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things Moving Slowly

So as is the way with UK property transactions, things seem to be moving slowly. I sent back a long list of answers to questions that my buyer had and also had to include the planning permission for my own house which was built in 2000. Initially I thought I did not have these papers but then found them in a bunch of stuff that was sent to me when I bought the place.

Anyway, things are also slow on the buying front as the old lady who owned part of the house died. Her husband is still alive so it passes to him and hopefully that will not delay the transaction. I need to get in some removal men soon for quotes and also possible storage costs if I have to move out of my house before moving in to the bungalow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survey Back, Contracts with Solicitor

So I had a survey done on the property and there wasn't really too much that I didn't know which was a relief. The place needs a lot of work and most of the jobs I had written down were pointed out. There were just a few things like a couple of loose tiles on the roof and the sofits (or fascia boards, I can't remember) needed painting.

I have sent both the sale and the purchase contracts back to the solicitor but am just waiting for the Property Information Form from the seller which seems to have been omitted. Hopefully all will go through within a month.