About Me

So I have always had a passion for property and in 2004 I bought and modernised a 3 bedroom terraced house (turned into a 2 bed with upstairs bathroom) successfully and have wanted to do it again ever since. After living abroad for 7 years I came back to the UK and needed a project so I eventually sold my bigger house and managed to get a 2 bedroom bungalow that needed full modernisation.

The bungalow had been lived in by an old couple and they had needed full wheelchair access. The bath had been taken out of the bathroom and the kitchen had not been updated for a while. Added to that the house had not had much done in the way of decoration over the decades and just needed a complete freshen up.

Also needed was central heating (and a gas supply!) plus the garden had become overgrown.

As I had to live in the bungalow whilst renovating it, I have given myself 6 months to complete the work. the idea is to sell the house when it is done and move onto another project.

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