Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hitting Problems

OK so I had ordered all the plasterboard and wood for dry lining the lean to, which I was going to do at the end of this week with the help of a friend. However, this morning I noticed that there was a leak in the roof. This was not wholly unexpected as there was pretty much no felt on it! However, as it was made of concrete I was hoping that would keep it reasonably watertight for the time being.

Anyway, this means that there is no point in doing the internal lining so that has to be put on hold. I have now ordered all the stuff I need to do the roof (from rubber4roofs) and hopefully that will arrive tomorrow. The weather is due to be cold but clear so hopefully that will give us the chance to get the roof done at the end of the week instead of the internal walls. Then I need to figure how to do those or who to get to help me!

So tomorrow I need to try and remove all of the old felt if possible and maybe just leave a tarpaulin over it just in case. Not best to do this during the winter but needs must.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Working Outside & Sorting Out the Lean-To

Albeit that it is winter, there have been a few sunny days recently so I have started on the work needed to do the outside of the house at the back and the inside of the lean-to. Firstly I painted the outside of the lean-to which looks infinitely better than it did. The Dulux Weathershield paint goes on really well - better than the B&Q paint that I bought for the front of the house I would say. In fact I almost wish I had painted the front cream as well but never mind!

I also stripped out the inside of the back of the lean-to. I think it was originally one of those old brick buildings out the back of your house that had an outside toilet and another room for storage or coal - there definitely used to be a wall down the middle anyway. The room was covered with polystyrene tiles which obviously needed removing as they are a fire hazard. There were also some cupboards that I took great joy in taking a hammer to!

The window of the lean-to is missing the bottom pain of glass and the wooden sill is pretty shot so I have a bid in on a double glazed unit on eBay that should be the perfect size to replace it. At £8 (assuming I win it) plus about £10 for a courier, that is hopefully a good deal.

I will be dry lining the walls and adding some insulation so I need to get the batons and the plasterboard ordered. Unfortunately B&Q do not deliver that stuff so I will get it from Wickes who do.

There were some holes in the lean-to walls that needed filling so I got hold of some of that expanding foam stuff - I'd been wanting to find an excuse for using that for years so now I have it! It really does expand quite a lot lol! And it is really difficult to clean the nozzle but I think I have have managed it - have to be careful as the stuff is pretty toxic. I also used it to fill some holes in the back wall of the house that were sending a cold draft straight into the kitchen since the plumbing had been upgraded.

Today I also started painting the back of the house and that too looks loads better. Just need a few more sunny days to finish it off as it was getting quite cold by the end of it!

Ok I am going to have to add the photos tomorrow as it says I am out of space. Have deleted a bunch so maybe it needs some time to refresh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Living Room Finished!

So today the carpet went into the living room. Some friends helped me move the furniture out and then back in again afterwards as there is no way I would have managed it myself. The carpet is just neutral but I think it looks pretty good. Luckily I could use the exiting underlay although I did need to patch a few bits up from the underlay that was in the hall that I no longer needed (as I will be putting laminate flooring down).

It's really difficult to get a picture of the whole lounge so I have roughly stitched together a few photos - very rough but hopefully gives you the idea!