Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Work On The Garden

So as it was such a nice day today I did a bit more work on the garden. There is a lot of work to do and it will likely take months to get it nice. There are huge numbers of weeds everywhere and the grass was really long so it will take a while to recover. I started yesterday by scrubbing up some of the paving slabs to see how they would come out after a clean. I reckon I can manage at most 4 slabs a day as it is really hard work (especially as I need to take care of my back!). Anyway, you can see the difference that a good scrub can make on them here:

I also cleared the weeds from half of the patio behind the lean to which now just needs a bit of a scrub too, but that can wait for another day! I have done quite a bit of cutting back at the front as well and to show for it have a complete brown bin full of waste. I thought I had better do as much as I could as the bin men come tomorrow.

Still more to do but making progress!

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