Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get the Chippie In

So yesterday i had a few people come round - the electrician came round to check out all the stuff that I needed done with that - I might need a new RCD(?) board and also I want some more sockets plus some extra ones taken out. He will also quote for taking away the storage heaters as I was wondering how I would get rid of those.

The chippie also came round - he gave me a flyer a few weeks ago as I was coming out of Wickes so I gave him a ring - seems like a nice guy and he can pretty much do anything! First thing I want to get done is to get some doors put on - the bedrooms do not have doors and the bathroom and living room doors need replacing. he sent me down to Magnet to order the doors and handles as he said they had the best trade prices. I got 4 doors with handles and hinges etc for £144 and he will hang them for £25 each so a total of about £250 for the 4 doors. Slightly over my budget but I'm now not sure if I would have got them any cheaper elsewhere. Hopefully he will do them next week.

I also phoned the council to get a form to possibly apply for a drop kerb so that i can put in a drive - there is plenty of room in the front so it just depends how much it will all cost.

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