Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mess Starts!

So today the electrician started work. Mike had given me a good quote and seemed like a genuine guy and so I was happy to give him the work. He also cleans up after himself which is great! You can find him here: MSK Electrics. I had forgotten how much mess this would create as he needed to channel out the lines for the new sockets and light switches. Work started in the bedrooms and I think all of the channeling has been done in those. Also the storage heater is out of the main bedroom.
Whilst the electrician was working I was stripping off the wallpaper in the living room - I made quite good progress as it came off pretty easily, some of it even without the steamer. I am leaving the paper on the ceiling and above the picture rail as it looks fine (just needs a coat of paint). The walls are OK with some tiny hairline cracks that will just need a kind of plaster/pva wash as they as so small.


  1. We used some poly cell base coat , because we had some of those cracks on a lot of all walls ...it was fab! Also used some of wilkinsons own brand base coat and it was cheaper and just as good!

  2. Oh yes wilkinsons is a good idea Lou, I must go take a look. I actually have quite a few pots of different plaster that I use for my paintings so I am going to use up that stuff first!