Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Delay on gas installation

So National Grid are supposed to be installing a gas supply to the house as it doesn't have one. The surveyor came round on 11 July and said they could start work within 3-4 weeks. However, having not heard anything I phoned them last week and they said it was on hold as the house wasn't ready. I said that was wrong and the surveyor had already been round.

So, it looks like they misplaced my application somewhere and now I have gone back on the bottom of the pile. They phoned with a date for me on Monday of 28th SEPTEMBER!!! Which is 11 weeks from when the surveyor came. This messes up my central heating installation which is being combined with my bathroom installation. SO the plumber will do as much as he can without the actual gas supply and will have to come back to connect and sign it off. Hopefully it won't get too cold before the end of September as I won't have any heating :-(

In other news I am making progress on filling in all the holes that the electrician made for the new wiring. I got a whole lot of stuff at B&Q at the weekend so that I could save 20% and actually managed to save £90. I need to finish the spare room and hopefully the living room by the time I have my BBQ on 22nd Sept and also I need to fill, sand and paint all of the areas that will have radiators on them so that I don't have to paint behind them.

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