Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Electrical Work Nearly Finished

So the electrical work is nearly done - a new RCD box has been put in to replace the old one. All of the cables have been recessed into the walls and new sockets have been put in and recessed instead of being on the surface of the wall so it all looks better. Added to that the storage heaters have been disconnected and removed ready for the central heating to be put in. Am still waiting for the gas supply to be put in which I was told would be 3-4 weeks and I think that was over a month ago, must check up on that.

So now I need to plaster all the bits of walls where the cables have been channeled and the sockets have been recessed which is going to be interesting!

Also need to sort out a design for a feature where the fireplace was, I think it will just be a kind of decorative. Also need a new box in the hall to cover the electric meter and units.

Have filled, sanded and painted another section of the living room so that is slowly getting done. May do a feature wall on the chimney breast.

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