Friday, August 17, 2012

20% Discount at B&Q this weekend!

So B&Q have introduced something called the B&Q club and it is giving a 20% discount on purchases this weekend if you join (all the details on their website I'm sure :-) - so this means that I really need to decide on whether to pick up my bathroom furniture this weekend. I think you can get a toilet for about £50 and the sink unit with cupboard underneath that I want is about £110 I think so that would save me £32 already. Plus I need plaster and a few other bits and bobs and I also need to decide what to do about the fireplace - do I put in an actual fireplace or just some kind of feature? I'm veering towards the latter as it seems unnecessary to have a fire after I have put in perfectly good central heating... Anyway, I'll have to write a list of stuff to get so that I can save as much as possible as it is not often that B&Q have 20% off.

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