Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lots of work in the garden today

So yesterday I managed to put on the complete top coat on the front of the house so that it is now white (must get a picture update for that). I still need to do some bits round the door which are going to be a bit of work but I need to do that in shade so with a sunny day like today I decided to work on the back garden. There was one big raised border that was full of grass, brambles and weeds and I managed to get rid of those. Plus I got rid of the snail sanctuary that had been created by some paving slabs, so it is all looking a bit  tidier. There is still lots to do in the garden but this was good progress and very hard work for about 5 hours! These pictures are not great but you can kind of see how I have removed all the weeds from the back area!

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