Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Weather for Painting the House

So today it was 25 degrees and sunny so I thought it would be a good idea to start painting the outside of the house. The house is painted in a kind of maroon colour at the moment and it looks like that was done quite a while ago so it needs a bit of freshening up. I wanted to paint it white and have already bought some paint to do it so I started in the porch where I had already began by cleaning and filling it.

When I began painting I realised that I might need more paint than I had as the bricks had small zig-zag indentations in them that meant they would take a lot more paint. I also realised that because the house was maroon it might need more than one coat to cover it. Luckily there was a big tin of cream masonary paint left in the back lean to when I got the house. In fact it was a full 5 litre pot. Anyway, I thought that I could use that as a base coat for the white to cover the maroon.

So, I made a bit of progress today but as I had the car I also needed to take some stuff to the dump so I didn't get to spend all day on it. This is as far as I got...

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