Friday, June 29, 2012

I Got the Keys!

So at long last, with very little help from my solicitors, I finally got the keys to the bungalow today. It was as I remembered it (including the all pervading smell of urine!) and with plenty of work to do. All my belongings will be moved in tomorrow and I will have to try and do the work whilst living there.

In an hour or two at the bungalow this afternoon I managed to flymo down 2 of the massive long 'lawns' that had been left to grow over the past few months. More to do over the weekend though. I also managed to remove the carpet from the main bedroom and need to take that down to the dump tomorrow as well as trying to get the underlay out before the movers get there at 10.30am.

The bathroom is a bit of a state as it has a shower but no drainage - I guess they must have used it to wash themselves over the sink or something. My Mum decided to help by taking out the bathroom floor which was a great idea in theory but has now left super sticky floorboards to walk on. Ideally I will put in a new bathroom floor soon but I will need to wait until the pipes have been put in for the new central heating system.

Next door appears to be some kind of crack house for teenagers with the smell of dope wafting out the windows. Oh dear.


  1. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!! GOOD LUCK, look forward to reading about it :) jo/googs

  2. Why are you renovating?? It already looks lovely! Seriously there is a lot to do, but it's fascinating to watch as things change, so I'm going to hand around and follow you

    Purple x